Local Business

A thriving business centre, Killarney is the hub for a variety of shopping and services for a large trade area in the southwest corner of Manitoba. If you’re just in Killarney for a visit or you call the community home, you can find everything, and more, than you need right here.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect keepsake from Killarney, a locally made treat or the ingredients for a lakeside barbecue, you'll find everything you need in the heart of Killarney. The business district boasts a car dealership, three financial institutions, bakeries, furniture and clothing stores, a meat market, computer sales and service, grocery and hardware stores are just a small sampling of the retail outlets that can be found in Killarney's downtown. The Killarney Shopper’s Mall houses a dozen businesses, and the mall corridor often hosts craft sales, displays and special events. This is the place where you can pick up everything from a few groceries to electronics, shoes, and clothing all under one roof. Courteous service, ample parking and easy access all contribute to the growth of the thriving retail sector.

The town and surrounding area also offer many specialized services including building centres, commercial printing, as well as engine repair and rebuilding. A variety of hotels, restaurants and convenience stores serve both the residents of the community and Killarney’s many visitors.

With more than 175 businesses and services ready to serve you, Killarney can meet your every need. But there’s always room for more. Killarney is ready for industrial expansion and the door is always open for someone looking to establish a business serving a niche market. With rapidly advancing technology you can do business around the world while enjoying the benefits of living in a quiet, safe, and affordable community. In Killarney, the global economy is at your fingertips, while the beach and the golf course are in your backyard.