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The Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain and the surrounding area is deeply rooted in agriculture. This industry, which serves as both an economic and cultural cornerstone, has stood the test of many changes and challenges for more than a century. Both the town and the surrounding rural area continue to prosper and grow as an agribusiness center. A summer evening's drive through the countryside illustrates the prosperity of the farming sector and the diversity of the crops. Blue fields of flax flank canola bright yellow in bloom, while wheat, barley, and oats sway in the wind. Numerous specialty crops, including millet and sunflowers, are also grown. Producers from a large trading area come to Killarney for the inputs they need to grow a strong and healthy crop, to upgrade or service their equipment and market their commodities. Known as the wheat capital of Manitoba, Killarney features three inland grain terminals and a state-of-the-art feed mill. Implement dealerships representing major manufacturers that are located Killarney, in addition to machine and welding shops and modern service centers.

There is a well-known auction mart, a veterinary clinic and abattoir to accommodate the needs of numerous livestock producers. Agribusiness is an integral part of the local economy, from the large seed and seed cleaning operations to the expanding Agri-Tourism industry. In Killarney-Turtle Mountain, we think homegrown opportunities are the best kind. The agricultural community is constantly working to keep up with changing technologies and trends in food production and is strongly supported in their efforts to add value to their products.

Whether it's a chance to expand on a growing livestock market or turn a plentiful local commodity into renewable energy, Killarney-Turtle Mountain has a plan to take advantage of any opportunity that finds a fit with the community.