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Age-Friendly Killarney-Turtle Mountain

Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Creating an Age-Friendly Community (pdf Brochure)

Killarney-Turtle Mountain has been designated an "Age Friendly Community" by the Province of Manitoba. We received the Milestone Recognition Award in 2013 from the Province of Manitoba.

Achievement of the Milestones requires establishing an Age-Friendly Committee, local municipal council resolution to actively support, promote and work toward becoming age-friendly, establish a plan of action that includes a community consultation, demonstrate commitment to action by posting the action plans, and measuring activities and reporting publicly on the outcomes of the action plans.

What does an Age-Friendly Community look like?
In an age-friendly community, policies, programs, and services are designed to make it easier for older adults to stay active and healthy, so they can continue to contribute to their communities. Since the launch of the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative in 2008, communities across Manitoba and globally have developed action plans to become more age-friendly, recognizing that every effort benefits citizens of all ages.

Everyone Benefits from:

  • Pleasant, secure, and physically accessible outdoor spaces and public buildings
  • Well, designed, affordable, and appropriately located and secure housing choices
  • Well-maintained and accessible roads and walkways
  • Public transportation that is accessible and affordable
  • Supportive health and community services
  • Opportunities to be socially active in leisure, social, cultural, and spiritual activities with people of all ages and cultures
  • Opportunities to participate in suitable volunteer, civic and employment positions
  • Communication and information that is easy to find and understand

Key Feature of an Age-Friendly Community
Age-Friendly focuses on eight main themes which provides a comprehensive picture of each community's age-friendliness. These themes cover the essential features of the community's structure and its physical environment, as well as the extent to which its services and policies reflect the determinants of active aging.

  • Transportation
  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Housing
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Social Participation
  • Communication and Information
  • Civic Participation and Employment Opportunities
  • Community Support and Health Services

Age-Friendly Community Consultation Summary
On March 8, 2012, 55 residents from the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, came together to talk about age-friendly priorities and issues within the community. Participants also had the opportunity to complete a survey of the age-friendliness of the community. The following PDF is a summary of the age-friendly priorities identified at the meeting and the survey results.

Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain Community Resources (pdf)

Action Plans: