Health Services

Nothing is more important than the health and wellness of those visiting Killarney and those who call the community home. Providing the best health care in a comfortable rural setting is one of the community's top priorities. Highly qualified medical staff including doctors, nurses and technicians create a team that provides professional treatment and services to Killarney- Turtle Mountain and the surrounding area.

Killarney is a regional centre for the delivery of health and community services. The Tri-Lake Health Centre, a modern facility with an attached personal care wing, provides the best in medical care. Acute care, along with 24-hour emergency services are available at the local hospital, along with palliative care and a host of other important services including a lab facility and state of the art x-ray unit and ultrasound.

A team of doctors takes appointments, including walk-ins at the adjoining medical clinic. This is also the site for MB Telehealth, which links patients from southwest Manitoba to specialists from across the province with live video and audio. A long list of professionals provide a variety of medical services to the community. Dentists, optometrists, and a chiropractor serve the needs of patients from Killarney and the surrounding area.

The skills of two pharmacists, a physiotherapist, licensed massage therapist and a dietician are also readily available. The public health unit oversees community care from prenatal classes to care for the elderly. Safety is a priority in Killarney as well. The RCMP staff a detachment in the community and police, along with ambulance, fire and rescue provide excellent emergency services to the community and surrounding region. Air ambulance services are also available out of the local airport, just minutes south of Killarney.

Killarney Medical Clinic - Killarney Physicians: 204-523-4609

Hospital: 523-4661

Health Links: 1-888-315-9257

Killarney EMS is one of 25 ambulance services within the Assiniboine Regional Health Authority. Killarney is staffed by a mix of full-time and casual EMS employees to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The training level is a mix of Technicians, Technician-Paramedics and Technician Intermediate Paramedics that provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation for the sick and injured. The EMS staff spend a considerable amount of time and energy to acquire the necessary training and skills to help those in their time of need. In addition, the providers also take an active role in their community providing First Aid and CPR training, Bike Helmet Safety Awareness, School visits, Car Seat Inspections, etc.

The Assiniboine Regional Health Authority offers entry level Technician training to interested applicants in September and again in February. The 180 hour certification course is offered via the traditional classroom method or an on-line method of instruction which includes classroom instruction for the practical component. Upon successful Certification and Provincial Licensing with Manitoba Health and Healthy Living, Technicians are eligible to apply for casual EMS employment.

Students currently enrolled in high school that are 17 years of age or older are welcome to apply and proceed through the application process. Upon successful completion there are two high school credits available for this program that can be put towards graduation.

For more information about the Assiniboine Regional Health Authority EMTech Program or any questions with regards to EMS in general, please contact 1-888-682-2253 or email