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Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council:
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Heritage House Restoration Project:

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Description of Project:
To convert the century old demonstration farm house, located in the center of the Killarney Agricultural Grounds, into an Art Centre.

The house and grounds are owned by the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain and were designated as a municipal heritage site in 1992. This centre would enrich the lives of local residents by providing an opportunity to experience various art forms and display the work of local artists.

This house and surrounding land began as an experimental farm where new ideas were tested, new techniques developed, and where learning took place. We would like to see this place continue with that theme in mind, inspiring local artists to thrive and share new ideas.

The centre would act as a place to:
  • showcase the work of local artists
  • showcase the work of Manitoba artists
  • provide programs for all ages
  • run workshops pertaining to visual, performing, media and literary arts
  • host house concerts and porch concerts on the beautiful wrap around veranda
  • develop the lawn with a variety of gardens
  • host an artist in residence
  • sell the work of local artists

What will be needed?
  • people with enthusiasm and passion to keep this project moving forward
  • funding in the form of grants, donations, fundraising events and financial support from our Municipality
  • people with skills who are willing to volunteer their time and talents in re-purposing this building

Description of Historic Place:
This wood-frame Demonstration Farm House, which is 100+ years old, was built in 1915 as a single-family dwelling. It is surrounded by mature trees in the center of Killarney's tourist area.

Heritage Value:
The Demonstration Farm House at Killarney is a rare surviving link to an early phase in the Manitoba government's efforts in agricultural research and education. The structure housed the manager of an Agricultural Demonstration Facility established when George Lawrence, a Killarney pioneer, was Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture. The purpose was to identify and promote farming practices and crop varieties suited to this particular region of the province. The large dwelling, with its prominent dormers and wide shady veranda, is a fine example of the typical four-square farmhouses built across southern Manitoba in the early 1900s. Although subject to various uses since the demonstration farm was closed in 1946, including as a Royal Canadian Mountain Police barracks, a private school, and a museum, the house retains much of its exterior integrity and interior layout and character.

Visit our photo gallery on this website to see a picture of the Heritage House. (Click on the Visiting Tab, then on Around Town pictures)